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The Islanders: Patterns of Folk (1971)

The Islanders: Patterns of Folk (Waverley SZLP 2124, 1971)

By the time of this, their third LP, Noel Eadie had joined the group in place of Pete Furnish. Jim and Nancy Craig and Eddie Pollard made up the foursome. Eadie, who plays mandolin and sings, was soon afterwards to come to prominence as a member of Gaelic folk group Na h-Oganich.

Patterns of Folk was also the title of a television series starring The Islanders, of which STV broadcast seven programmes.

01 If I Had a Hammer (Hays-Pate Seeger)
02 Before I Met You (Seitz-Lewis-Rader)
03 Jeelie-Piece Song (Adam McNaughton)
04 Song for a Winter's Night (Lightfoot)
05 I Can't Help But Wonder (Where I'm Bound) (Paxton)
06 I Never Will Marry (Ed McCurdy)
07 Wild Rover (trad)
08 The Orange and the Green (Jim McLean)
09 Children of the Mist (Moir-Craig)
10 Farewell to Fiunary (N McLean)
11 Rivers of Texas (Carlyle)
12 Song of the City (J Craig)
13 The Strangest Dream (Ed McCurdy)
14 Wild Colonial Boy (trad)


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