Saturday, 10 October 2009

Welcome to The Music Gatherer

This blog will be concerned with making available rare and obscure recordings of Scottish folk and traditional music. Almost all of the music will be from my own large vinyl collection, and will be music which is currently unavailable. Any comments and additions to information will be welcome, and feel free to get in touch.


  1. hi, your collection is great! can you please add
    "Knowe o' Deil: The Viking's Bride (1987)" files for downloading? i can't find this record elsewhere.


    Nadav from Israel


  3. thank you very much for all this good music

  4. Found you here....looking for Jeannie Robertson....we are running a Heritage Centre through the summer months,up here in Cullen....I have a wheen of music to play...but finding Norman Kennedy here is a joy....oh to get some Jimmy MacBeath......

    I've b/marked your essential thanks for Norman, Folk Song Today and the two main Heritage recordings....I was playing Jack Begg's last cd this afternoon...(I've relocated to my northern roots from Dunfermline, so knew of and enjoyed hearing Heritage a few times way back when......

    Thanks for the moment

  5. I'll get around to Jeanie Robertson and Jimmy MacBeath. I think I've got a Jeanie E,P, somewhere, so I'll look it out.