Monday, 19 October 2009

The Islanders (1968)

The Islanders: The Islanders (RCA Victor RD7950, 1968)

By 1968 Iain Mackintosh had left for his solo career. Jim Craig and his wife Nancy were still singing, but John Noble had left to work for the civil service in London, and was replaced by guitarist Eddie Pollard. The bass player was Pete Furnish. (I heard that Pete drove a Mini Cooper, and to get his double bass into the car he had to take out the front seat, while his girlfriend had to sit in the back.) Pete was in the group "...from the time that the banjo player left because his pawnbroker business was keeping him too busy..." Pete left in 1968/9 to a job in motor sport, moving to Northern England. After a stint as a chartered accountant, Pete has now retired, but still plays bass, mainly in jazz combinations.

01 I Ain't Marchin' Any More
02 Early in the Morning
03 Last Class Seaman
04 Hush Little Babe
05 No More Words
06 The Gallowa' Hills
07 John Reilly
08 Steel Rail Blues (Lightfoot)
09 Going to the Zoo
10 Gypsy Boy
11 Pride of Man
12 Yes, Yes, Yes
13 Wild Flying Dove
14 Twa Recruitin' Sergeants
15 Freedom Come-All-Ye
16 That's My Song


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