Sunday, 18 October 2009

Scotia Folk (1970)

Scotia Folk (Fontana 6438 021, 1970)

This is a bit of a mystery, because there are no definite credits on this LP. The Scotia Bar in Glasgow was a hang-out for folkies in the late 1960s, and this purports to be an album of music from some of the professional folkie regulars. However, I can't place the singers. I think I recognise Alastair MacDonald in a couple of the tracks, but most of them leave me puzzled. Any help here would be appreciated.

The front cover features Alex Campbell in front of a crowd outside the bar (according to Jim McLean his wife took the photos, and Billy Connolly was behind the camera). The back shows four recognisable people at the bar: Danny Kyle, the producer Ian Campbell, the late Mick Broderick and the arranger of the music Jim McLean.

The music is typical fare - folk standards, a couple of American-style songs and a couple of instrumentals.

01 Bonnie Ship the Diamond
02 Diamonds In the Rough
03 Ye Jacobites By Name
04 The Bold Heroes
05 Broomielaw Breakdown
06 Nancy Whisky
07 The Gallowa Hills
08 Talking Conchie Blues
09 I Once Love a Lass
10 Scotia Reel



  1. Yup...I got the Alistair McDonald...even when he disguised himself....they all pull strings but I will have to relisten when not distracted by doing this...ha
    No names usually meant moonlighting??

  2. I gave this a listen this morning and Alistair McDonald sings on, Bonnie Ship the Diamond, Ye Jacobites By Name, Nancy Whisky, Talking Conchie Blues (disguised as fake Yank)and it is probable that it is his banjo that is prominent on Broomilaw Breakdown and Scotia Reel.....others in ensemble unknown..

    The female voice on Diamonds in the Rough and I Once Love a Lass sic Lad....bothers me as I can't place her...also the two groups? singing The Bold Heroes and The Gallowaw Hills...I'll ask around others....memories are best shared...

    There is a reference to this album on the net by "hugh mac2 Ballymena N. Ireland, "Glasgow Guide Discussion Board" saying that the photography is by Alison Chapman and that "I think the guy lying down at the front was Freddy Anderson, who was a bit of a poet and went round the pub selling copies of his poetry for a penny a sheet."

    Another contribution says that "my father stuffed a cassette with different well known artists and material before I went to London"...he too would like help in establishing who's who.....

  3. The female voice singing "I Once Loved a Lass" is Zoe McGovern, accompanied on guitar I believe by Geordie McIntyre. Zoe was wife of Geordie McGovern, who was the banjo player with the original lineup of the Whistlebinkies. George & Zoe later moved away from Glasgow to live on the Isle of Arran, roughly a couple of years after this LP was issued.

  4. I have all of the names apart from one. These came via Jim Mclean. I'll look out the info.