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SNP Folk

SNP Folk (Scotia Records SCO 248, n.d.)

Bit of a rarity this one. Various groups contribute to a fundraising LP sponsored by the Midlothian Constituency Association of the Scottish National Party. There is no date, but I would guess at between 1967 and 1969. Winnie Ewing writes the album notes, and the groups performing are:

The Livingstones
From the Hamilton/Blantyre area, The Livingstones recorded two LPs of their own in 1968 and 1969, and toured Britain and mainland Europe.

The group consisted of David Wright from East Calder, and Christine Hay, John MacKellar and Jim Nicholson, all from Midcalder. David has lived on Lewis since the mid 1990s, while the other three reside in the Livingston area. David, John and Jim later formed Reivers Galley, who were Fairly successful during the 1970s.

Tthe other groups are ones I know nothing about - any further information would be most welcome. They are:

The Albanachs, and The Newcomers.

01 The Livingstones:-Scotland Free
02 The Livingstones:-Because and the Reason
03 The Albanachs:-The Boys of Cardonald
04 Newcomers:-Scotland Stand Up
05 Lallans:-Legend of Scotland
06 Newcomers:-The SNP
07 The Livingstones:-Parcel of Rogues
08 Lallans:-Bonny Seat o' Hamilton
09 Newcomers:-Freedom
10 The Albanachs:-Scots Wha Hae

Front and back covers included.

Other albums featuring The Livingstones:

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  1. I purchased a Winnie Ewing signed one ten years ago for £20 but I have never seen this LP anywhere again